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How my hobby started .My father was a radio Engineer in the 50's

My hobby of vintage radio was influenced from the events that happened in my childhood .
My late father Denis Horne, was a radio and television engineer in the days of valve technology. He first worked for Ferranti radio in Manchester in the early 1950's. Ferranti lost interest in radio, and  eventually sold out to Ekco radio. Denis then moved to Philips
radio, first in Manchester and then in Leeds, which was more local for him at the time, as we first lived in east Leeds.
He eventually worked for a service company, called Marshall Haywood, whose shop was in Headingley, Leeds 6, the service depot being in Leeds 7, both places I remember visiting. I even remember the old service vans. Ford E494C Popular, and the Ford E83W Thames.

  I (Mike Horne) born in 1954, and my brother (Nigel) born 1957 were both aware of valve technology.
Local people living in east Leeds at the time used to bring their radio and  TV repairs to our house at 34 Lulworth Crescent, Leeds 15. It was a unique insight into technology, which is now sought after. Perhaps we could be termed as the
"Radio Children"!?.

My Great Auntie had an old wireless from the 1930's- Philips 834A she still had this in the 1950's, and I remember being very impressed by it.
Our radio at the time was a Kolster Brandes RB10 which was made in 1960.

Denis left the radio and television industry in the early 1960's, when transistors began to replace
valves as the main source of amplification in entertainment. We also left Lulworth Crescent in 1962.

Ever since those days I have been wanting to use my experience of vintage radio from my childhood
and to use it as a hobby in my later life.

I hope you enjoy reading about it.


A Philips 831 radio cake made for my 40th birthday