This is quite a rare valve mains a.c mains valve radio. It is an export from the former Yugoslavia. I have been informed that it was made by the former radio manufacturing side of Elektronska Industrija. This company are still in business, but nowadays are making valve amplifiers for musical instruments (mainly guitars & keyboards). They know nothing of their past radio production, and can not help with information on such products. This may have been destroyed during the turmoil that Yugoslavia went through in the 1990's. An interesting item on the tuning scale, Radio Caroline or shown as M.V Caroline on 199mtrs m.w (probably the station moored off the Isle of Man). This dates the radio to about 1964. The radio has press-button wave change for long, medium & short wave bands. The valves used were:- ECH81, ECH81 (again!), EL84, EM80, EZ80. There is a detector diode AA103. The h.t smoothing choke in the o/p transformer primary can be prone to go o/c. There are two dial cords One for the tuning gang (has 3 loops in it) - difficult & time consuming One for the cursor (more simple) I have a donor Barclay radio if anyone requires parts, please contact me? It took me a long time to acrue another one of these radios, I eventually got one from a Radio Exposition. Before that, I was offered one (by email)
Quite a distinctive dial !